November 2018

Rice expected as many as 150 guests to stop by for turkey and all of the trimmings…

“You want to talk about feeling alone and being marginalized and alienated,” Rice said. ” Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s hard to be homeless on those days.”

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July 2018

Carly runs what she calls "micro interventions" out on the streets, and inside her home.

"We have pretty much an open door policy around here. We dine with prostitutes and thieves, and people who are obviously high on drugs sometimes." said Rice.

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January 2019

Miss Carly’s provides food, shelter and supplies for Rockford’s homeless…

“We feed people a little extra when it’s cold because the people that are out on the streets and in the elements they burn calories just staying still trying to stay warm,” Carly Rice said. “So we do heftier portions, a little bit more carbs, just book on the calories because they spend them.”

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